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Lettering Creative with Modern Calligraphy


Date: 21th October

Price for the event: Free

Venue: Blooms London, 4 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS

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Description: Calligraphy is not just handwriting, but elegant lettering that elevates any written note into a work of art.  Using a few basic techniques, calligraphy brings an expressive and artful method to writing. And while you may already think your handwriting is beautiful, you can’t deny the popularity and practical uses for calligraphy. From handwritten wedding stationery to graphic redesigns on books and wall art. The elaborate swirls and slopes of the pen may look complicated but the amazing thing about the calligraphers in London is that many are self-taught and can teach you in a short calligraphy course. These courses typically cover the types of tools needed and give you the supplies to take home to continue to practice your creative and even more beautiful writing.



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